Board of Directors

Compensation Committee
Effective corporate governance suggests that a Compensation Committee should have their own independent compensation consultant, separate from the company consultant, to validate and challenge company compensation recommendations.  We partner with the Chair of the Compensation Committee to review company compensation recommendations and also provide guidance on Compensation Discussion and Analysis (CD&A), Compensation Committee Calendar Planning, and external assessments like “ISS QualityScore”.

NOTE: To support good corporate governance, we will only work with the CHRO exclusively or the Chair of the Compensation Committee exclusively (not both at the same time).

Nominating and Governance Committee(s)
We partner with the Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee(s) and provide review and recommendations for Board evaluations, skill matrix analysis for new or replacement Board members, planning for CEO succession, and overall Committee governance compliance through calendar planning and external assessment review (i.e.: ISS QualityScore.)

Chief Executive Officer Evaluation and Succession
Evaluating the CEO and managing an active succession plan is one of the most important roles of the Board of Directors to insure sustainability of the business.  We partner with the Chairman of the Board, or their delegate, to tailor an evaluation process for the CEO and to build a CEO succession plan. Our belief is that effective Boards work in partnership with their CEO to insure clarity of expectation on leadership and performance, and also work together to have a healthy internal succession plan as well as a current view of external talent at all times. Knowing the characteristics, skills, and business expertise that is desired keeps the Board and Executive team in alignment.