Chief Human Resources Officer


We offer one-on-one relationship mentoring with the Chief Human Resources Officer.  We have found this to be one of the most sought-after services in the market today. CHRO’s are the go-to people for others to come to with challenges, and in turn rarely find someone they can be candid and open with about their CHRO challenges due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the role.  We offer many different solutions to allow for the flexibility not only with time but also in-person if needed.


We utilize our consulting partnerships and provide a personal development assessment.  We then take the data from the assessment and work with you to form a development plan.  We find that monthly coaching calls to follow-up on the development plan work the best.

Newly Promoted CHRO Orientation

There is nothing more exciting for an HR professional than to be promoted to the top role in HR. However, there can also be nothing more daunting than knowing the “buck stops” with you. We offer a special 100-day and 1-year program for first time CHRO leaders to help you navigate through your first few months or first year as a new CHRO. This includes topics like “how to develop an HR strategy”, “how to structure a team to support the HR strategy”, “what do I tackle first”, “what to expect at your first Board meeting and/or Compensation Committee meeting”, “how to build trust with your Executive team”, and the list goes on.  Because no two organizations are alike, each program is tailored to the individual need and company.

Compensation Committee Strategies

We partner with you to build specific compensation strategies to share with your Compensation Committee, as well as support with the building of Compensation Committee calendars and related activities. NOTE: To support good corporate governance, we will only work with the CHRO exclusively or the Chair of the Compensation Committee exclusively (not both at the same time).

Human Resources Strategies

The market is constantly evolving and so are the needs of the business. We work with you to look out 3-5 years and plan your people strategies to support the long-term vision of the business. This includes market analysis of trends in acquisition and retention, engagement, evaluation, development, and compensation/benefits.

Organization Development and Structure

Due to changing business dynamics, HR is consistently called upon for help with organization and departmental restructures.  We partner with you to take an objective view of your company structure and develop new structures to support the business.  We follow a strict rule that “form” follows “function”.  Too often, leaders fall into the trap of creating an organization chart they think they need and start filling in the boxes.  This should be the last step, not the first.  The first step is to determine what functions are required in the business, align those functions, use discipline in layers, build the structure, assess the talent, and then fill the boxes.

Organization-wide Succession Planning

This is one of the most important roles of the CHRO.  Insuring that you have a sustainable slate of talent to support the business today and tomorrow is key to long-term success.  We partner with you to develop not only “replacement” planning strategies but also “succession” planning strategies.  These strategies will involve either 4-box or 9-box elements (depending on the complexity and need) along tracking, reporting, and calibrating elements. Most often, those who use this service also tend to use our Executive development service as they link very closely.

Executive Development

Executive development is not only needed in an ever-changing business environment, but also is increasingly seen as a retention tool.  We use our consulting partnerships to provide tailored Executive development programs that include assessment, coaching, experiential, and educational elements.